Your pub needs you

4 10 2009

I have bad news for my fellow Beer Religion followers: the number of pubs in the UK is seriously on the decline.

Earlier this year I posted a piece about my discovery of The Beer Religion. I have been a full, legal Beer follower since Spring 2008, but I’ve already discovered some scary statistics – THESE scary statistics.

Back in 1980 there were almost 70,000 pubs in the UK. Now, 30 years later in 2009, there are just 53,466 left.

On average, two pubs are disappearing every week. I’m not lying, see for yourself…

Vicious taxes and a ruthless recession have contributed to killing off our pubs. However, I have a message for you all.

Ignore the taxes, tell the recession to sod off, and get down to your local and have a pint of local beer. Remember, ‘pub’ comes from ‘public house’ – the pub is your second home.

 Your pub needs you. You need your pub. You know it.



This post was written as part of my work for university. The task was to look at the Guardian’s Data Store ( and find some raw data. We then had create a post on our blog that included an image of the chart, made from the data, plus a brief article outlining the story behind the chart.





2 responses

9 10 2009
Joe Jeffries

I live in Portsmouth, the city with the largest concentration of pubs in the whole country. Not sure if that’s still the case today… I’ve noticed loads of local boozers with boarded-up windows and others that have simply disappearerd in the two years I’ve been away.

Lots of these pubs were quite intimidating and not the kinds of places were you could just ‘drop in’ for a quick pint. I think that could be the reason for their downfall; relying on regulars and not doing enough to attract new customers. It’s a shame, some of these places were in really old, interesting buildings and could have had loads of character and appeal if their owners had done things differently.

The city’s now full of soulless chains and overpriced ‘gastro pubs’ with rubbish beer and pretentious food. Most people I meet don’t seem particularly bothered by this, but I actually find it pretty depressing. Oh well! 🙂

11 10 2009

Very good points there Joe (I even clicked on the thumbs-up icon). As you say, there are now too many pubs with rubbish beer and pretentious food.

One of my favourite pubs in Preston is a small place hidden behind a larger pub. It’s very modest – not very big, nothing fancy – but it’s very popular. At the moment, a pint of ale costs just £1.60. Plus, pool only costs 50p a game. Oh, and every Tuesday is Pie Night. I think it’s about £4.50 for a slice of homemade pie, homemade chips, mushy peas and gravy. Brilliant stuff.

Oh, and they also sell pork scratchings. If the pub sells pork scratchings, it’s a good sign.

Anyway, must go now – off to my local (I really am).

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