Sport Relief Mile: The training

21 03 2010

Preston Beer Festival 2010/Sport Relief training

My training for Sport Relief 2010 was exemplary. It was regular, intense and demanding. Look at what Michael Phelps did to win lots of Olympic gold medals, and what Lance Armstrong did to keep on winning the Tour de France, and I’m not too far behind these magnificent athletes.

My training regime began three days prior to the event. On Thursday 18 March 2010, I went to play badminton. But badminton was just my warm up. Oh yeah, I was taking my training very seriously. I played and won three games, and then moved on to the real training.

After leaving badminton practice, I had a shower, and then embarked on a journey, accompanied by my other half and one of my housemates, to a church.

Whether God was in residence or not, I felt like I was in exercise heaven. Dozens of ales and bitters and ciders lined an entire wall. The training began: we drank beer and cider and ate Lancashire Hotpot and I was an ‘appy bunny.

This was my training regime (apart from the badminton/exercise) on Friday and Saturday night too.

As you can tell, I was well prepared for the six-mile Sport Relief run.

NOTE: Sorry, I’ve just remembered something. On Monday 15 March 2010, I was late for my Journalism Practice workshop, so I ran to it. The run lasted about three minutes and I was absolutely knackered at the end of it.




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