Aston Martin Cygnet NOT April Fools’ joke

1 04 2010

Aston Martin Cygnet:

The morning of April 1, 2010 has passed. April Fool jokes are no longer allowed. And there has been NO news anywhere of the Aston Martin Cygnet being an April Fools’ joke, meaning the Cygnet is a real car and will be produced.

So, we’d better start getting really, really…excited.


The Toyota iQ (on which the Cygnet is based) comes with either a 1 or 1.3 litre engine. Now, it may be the more extravagant option (suitable only for speed demons), but let’s look at the 1.3 option.

The 1.3 Cygnet will be able to rocket you from 0 to 62mph in an incredible 13.4 seconds. And if you keep that pedal mushed into the metal, you may even reach the top speed of 105mph. Although, whether you’d want to go that fast is up to you. It’s not the car that isn’t capable, but you – do you really think you would even stay conscious at 95mph, nevermind 105?! In fact, has anybody ever been above 95?


When you’re flying around those back country roads, you’ll be glad you opted for the red leather. Under the hot summer sun, you’ll be sweating loads (you won’t want any air con on, because that’ll take power away from that leviathan of an engine), and that leather/sweat combination will mean you’ll be stuck securely to the seat on those high-g corners.


The iQ Cygnet echoes the design of its less sporty, less cool, less exciting siblings.

This is the car that the V12 could, should have been.

Financial sense

Yes, it’ll probably cost about double that of an iQ, but you get leather and stuff. And, you can say to your mates that you’ve bought an Aston Martin*

So, it’s not an April Fools’ joke. And who thought it would be?! I didn’t doubt Aston Martin for a second.

*Note: They may call you a twat when they realise it’s a Cygnet.




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