Uganda diary: Preface III, In 24 hours…

14 08 2010

In 24 hours’ time I’ll be on a plane to Uganda.

I will be:

  • Excited. Very excited, actually. The same level of excitement I experience on Christmas Eve (I’m 20, but not much has changed for me with regards to Christmas since I was four) – I’ll look a slightly calmer, but with the same level of excitement beneath my cool and relaxed appearance.
  • Choosing which drink to choose when the air hostess arrives with the little food and drink trolley. Right now, I’m thinking orange juice, sparkling water or beer.
  • Possibly feeling unlucky. I could end up getting an aisle seat, sat next to an obese, cantankerous and foul person who snores, dribbles and talks in their sleep, and during their waking moments they burp out the evening’s curry, and fart it out too. And then they drink too much beer and regularly crush me as they leave their seat to fill the loo with the pungent contents of their bowel and bladder. Or…
  • Possibly feeling lucky. I could end up with a window seat, with the row of three seats to myself. The nearest passenger is a pretty young lady – my age, give or take a year or two. Oh and what’s this, beer is free on the flight until midnight? Excellent (I’m saying midnight as a limit, because I don’t want to be inebriated when I arrive in Kampala at 7:45 in the morning). Yes, this would make me feel lucky.
  • Monitoring when the toilet is vacant and engaged. Anyone who has had the misfortune to travel with me will know that I go to the toilet frequently. Not because I need it, but ‘just in case’. In ‘Atkinson for England’, by Gary James and Mark Brown, one of the main characters says: “A wise man pees when he can, a fool pees when he has to.” This philosophy has played a considerable role in my life.
  • Thinking about sleeping, but not actually sleeping. I’ll probably drift off an hour or so before landing. So, the kind of sleep that will make me more tired.
  • Wondering what to expect. I have ideas of what to expect, but some things I just haven’t got a clue about. I did actually start to write about this more, but I found myself writing a lot, and then realised I wanted to write more, and I’m getting tired, so I’ve written this paragraph as a substitute.

So, in 24 hours I’ll be sat on a British Airways plane going to Uganda. It’s what I want to do, and there hasn’t been a single doubt in my mind that I want to go. Hopefully I’ll manage to write something while I’m over there.

Oh and I intend to take pictures. Lots of pictures.




One response

4 09 2010

Peter, it was great meeting you. Hope you had a lovely time in my country. Cheers

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