What’s that picture?

Wondering what the picture at the top of the blog is?

It’s red caviar inside a greasy looking – and greasy feeling – pancake, served in the canteen at ‘Star City’ (the training facility for cosmonauts), just outside Moscow in Russia.

I refer to them as vomit pockets, as, after biting into them, you will want to be sick. The story behind my encounter with this famous Russian delicacy is here: Click on this hyperlink

An extract (with some context) is below:

The first big item on the agenda was a tour of Star City, Moscow, where cosmonauts are trained and prepared for venturing into space. As we drove in our seatbelt-less coach along an eerily quiet road through part of a forest, my mind couldn’t help but remember the scenes from films where people dig a hole, kneel before it, and the last sound they hear is a Kalashnikov rifle being loaded. Thankfully, this didn’t happen.

After having talks from various guides telling us all we’d ever need to know about space, we had lunch in the astronauts’ canteen. As I sat down, I noticed on the table there was some red caviar in a folded pancake. I naively opened my mouth wide and took a big bite of this delicacy.

A wave of concentrated seawater gushed through my mouth. I sat there, shocked, just one gut contraction away from placing the contents of my stomach on the plate. Five minutes later, after some hefty water-gulping, I finished my mouthful.

Red caviar, don’t do it kids.


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